Covid-19 policy

Toca Electrical Services Ltd are committed to health and safety practices including protecting our staff and customers from the transmission of COVID-19.

Our business has put in place robust systems to include managing this health issue along with our other health and safety practices.

This information is to explain the on-site processes we have in place for our team to provide a great level of service to you, whilst minimising the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission for all parties.

Our staff will endeavour to give advance warning of their arrival so that you can make any preparations necessary such as relocating from the area of work, or enabling access to the work area.

Our staff will greet you without shaking hands and will avoid touching you or your pets. Please keep pets and children away from our staff as they may not be able to remember this rule. Where possible we ask you keep at least 2m physical distance from the work area. 

Our staff will wash their hands before commencing work and when work is completed. Our staff have received instruction on correct hand washing in accordance with government recommendations. If using soap and water, they will take 20 to 30 seconds to wash their hands correctly. Where soap and water are unavailable, our staff will use hand sanitiser to clean their hands effectively. 

If our staff are working on equipment likely to have been touched by you, where feasible they will use disposable gloves to handle exposed surfaces. If this is not possible/feasible, staff will wash their hands as soon as practicable after touching the surface. An alternative to this is to wipe down surface areas with alcohol-based wipes prior to touching surfaces. 

Once the job is completed, if you are not around, our staff can notify you via SMS that the job is completed so that you can return at your convenience.
We will endeavour to avoid handling documentation between our staff and you the customer with bare hands. Instead we can deliver work reports, invoices and other documents online.

We maintain records of all of our jobs and staff and customer interactions to assist in any contact tracing should the need arise.
If you have any questions/concerns about the health and safety management steps noted above, please feel free to contact our management team at: or directly on 020 8819 1481

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